A Life Style

The Jubilee Centre
At Jubilee we are passionate about prayer and believe in a God who hears and answers.  We encourage all people in Jubilee to pray regularly and grow in a relationship with God which is prayer centred. Our hope is that, within Jubilee, we have a community of people who are passionate about prayer, as a result of a loving faith-filled relationship with God.

Prayer is an ‘all-age’ thing which means we also encourage parents to engage their children in prayer.

Praying together in Jubilee is done in different ways. We encourage all Devoted and Community groups to pray together during their gatherings, which allows them to build strong relationships and also have others who are aware of current situations to be praying for. 

We also have various church-wide prayer meetings:
  • Our monthly church prayer meeting is an opportunity to meet together to focus on some bigger areas such as mission trips, projects, Teesside as a whole and upcoming events. These evenings are always extremely fruitful and give people an opportunity to keep up to date with what the church is currently involved in. We encourage as many people as possible to get along to these meetings which are held in either Middlesbrough or Stockton. 
So come and join us on an adventure of prayer!